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Engine 5 Returns!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014   Glenolden Fire Co. welcomes back Engine 5, finally back from extensive repair. A huge thanks goes out to Collingdale Fire Co. 1. for loaning us 06-2 to use while Engine 5 was out of commission. Another big thanks goes out to 10-8 Emergency Vehicles for handling the repairs to Engine 5. They did a fantastic job. 



New Officers For 2014

Sunday, January 12, 2014   Glenolden Fire Company is happy to announce its Officers for 2014.
Line Officers:

Fire Chief- Jason Wilhelm
Asst. Chief- Mike McGowan
Ladder Captain- Chris Galanaugh
Engine Captain- Brian Righter
Saftey Officer- Gary Thompson
1st Lieutenant- Jon McGowan
Chief Engineer- Mike McHugh
Engineers- Erek Bierlein, Ryan Fuehrer, Chris Lamb
Asst. Engineer- Mike Bramble

Administrative Officers:

President- Bob Worrell
Vice President- Mike Gaffney Jr.
Secretary- Brian Hassel
Treasurer- Gerry McGettigan
Financial Secretary- Mike Gaffney Sr.

Board of Directors:

Chris Galanaugh 
George Hassel
Jack MacVeigh
Erek Bierlein
Jon McGowan
Gary Thompson
Mike McHugh

The Officers and Members are looking forward to a safe and productive year for the Glenolden Fire Company.



Holidays Quickly Approching

Friday, November 29, 2013   With the Holidays quickly approaching the Officers and Members of the Glenolden Fire Company would like to extend our best wishes to your families and ask that event be safe and practice good fire safety this Holiday Season. Please Explore the following link to learn more about how to make your home fire safe for the Holidays.

Also the Glenolden Fire Company would like to extend an invitation to the community to come out for the Borough's Christmas Tree lighting in front of the Library Sunday December 8th at 7pm.  Please also make sure to wake your children up by 10 am on Saturday December 14th as the Fire Company brings Santa around the town with candy canes for all the kids. 

Thank you, and have a SAFE and wonderful Holiday Season

From the Members of the Glenolden Fire Company



Thank You to Collingdale Fire Co. No. 1

Friday, November 15, 2013   Glenolden Fire Co. would like to thank Collingdale Fire Co. No.1 and Chief Locke for loaning us Engine 06-2 while Engine 5 is out for repairs. The loan is greatly appreciated. 



Annual Fireworks

Saturday, June 22, 2013   This past Saturday night crews took part in the boroughs annual fireworks, to show our support to our community.

Photo Credit: Gary Thompson



Bell Dedication for Joe Deeney

Friday, June 7, 2013   At this months company meeting the company dedicated a brand new chrome truck bell the Past Chief, Past President, and Life member Joseph Deeney. Joe dedicated 52 years of service to the Glenolden Fire Company, many years to the DCFA as Secretary.  In attendance at the service was much of Joe's family and colleagues.  Joe passed away in June of 2008, he was still involved with the company as Secretary.  The bell was unveiled to the family and guests, and was blessed by his sister. The family rung the bell for the first time and officially put the new bell in service. The ceremony was a great example of the traditions of the Glenolden Fire Company and  we know that Joe would have been proud.



3rd Alarm Fire in Darby Boro

Saturday, April 13, 2013   Just after 6 am Tower 5 was dispatched to assist Company 04 (Darby) with a commercial building fire on the 800 block of Main St. Tower 5 went responding with a full crew and was assigned to the C-D corner on the building to set up master streams.  Crew immediately went to work gaining access to the Delta exposure as well as ventilating the Charlie side of the fire building.  All companies operating on the scene went into advanced master streams, while the crew of Tower 5 assisted companies 19, 16, and 04 with a trench cut on the Delta exposure.The Tower was then ordered to begin cutting down the Charlie side of the building with master streams to stop any further collapse. Tower 5's crew operated on scene for 8 hours before being relieved by the cover companies.

Photo credit: Delaware Valley Fire Photography.



Firefighter Physicals

Sunday, January 27, 2013  Attention all members, company physicals exprie this year, many members are up soon. Please check the Chiefs Office door for the expiration dates, any questions contact the Officers. Thank you



Christmas Eve Fatal

Saturday, December 29, 2012  At around 6:30 on Christmas Eve companies 5,1,and 9 were dispatched to Ridley Ave in Sharon Hill for the working building fire with entrapment.  Tele-squirt 01 arrived with fire showing from the second floor with confirmed entrapment, the proceeded to go inservice with a 1 3/4". 09-2 arrived shortly after and took a second line and began a search, conditions deteriortated quickly and upon the arrival of Tower 5 we were ordered to place the main inservice and go into master stream operations. Crew fought hard but unfortunetly the vitcim was not located in time. Crews operated for over an hour to get the fire under control.  Picture credit goes to Delaware Valley Fire Photography. 



Happy Holidays

Saturday, December 29, 2012  Happy Holidays from the Officers and Members of the Glenolden FIre Co.



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